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Thinking of Selling your Home?

The sale of your home is a big deal.

You have one house to sell and choosing the right agent is a critical decision.

The first step is a careful value analysis of your home and getting a handle on the value in the current market.

We offer a free market analysis even if you are not sure you are ready to sell. Sometimes you just need to know what your home is currently worth.

Once you have the analysis in hand you can decide what you want to do. We also include a specific marketing and advertising proposal so you can see what will make your home stand out from the competition.

You have one house to sell, choosing the Best agent to get you the highest price is critical.

Please give me a call today and see how my experience and resources will make your sale a success.

Call today for a complementary appointment. (914) 261-6181.

Sincerely, Fred Jacobsen

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